Bogotá and its Natural Surroundings

Most of the corners and streets of Bogota are full of stories and plans for the future. The place is a blend between conventional traditions and the cosmopolitan look brought in by globalization. It is a busy city with 24/7 options for every taste.

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As our major national settlement, it operates as an axis for agriculture, businesses, research, universities, arts and entertainment, youth movements and political demonstrations. Bogotá connects the Colombian regions diversity to the world – this is why it is certainly a good place to start your travel.
With an altitude of 2,600 m, Bogotá is surrounded by imposing mountains with calm lookout points where fresh-air blows. A greenish breath that can also be taken in the parks, wetlands, and trekking possibilities that exist within the urban area (with endemic birds species flying around!).

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Throughout its history, people such as the Muisca indigenous groups, Spanish expeditionaries, scientists, geographers, farmers and early entrepreneurs have left their traces. Nowadays, Bogotá’s colonial and cultural epicenter is La Candelaria, a neighborhood that embraces a vast diversity of museums, churches, traditional and trendy restaurants, different architecture styles, graffiti and a vivid street life.

The unexpected awaits behind the most modest doors: hidden cafés, colonial mansions, art galleries or lively music bars can appear everywhere… Come in!

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Try the City’s Unconventional Touch 

  • Biotácora’s Bogota City Tour:The best introduction to the Colombian context with our expert tour leaders.   Options: Monserrate Hill, Gold Museum, National Museum, Candelaria historical downtown.
  • Street Art & Graffiti Tour


Biodiversity Flavors for Foodies 

  • Discover the Colombian Cuisine that Hides in Bogotá:A day crafted for you to try from the quotidian to the most trendy & creative flavors!
  • Local Tasting: Get the fresh feel of the city’s market places.


Andean Nature & Birdwatching

  • Wetlands: La Conejera, Córdoba and La Florida
  • Moorlands: Chingaza and Sumapaz
  • Lagoons: Guatavita, Chingaza, Siecha, Ubaque and Teusaca
  • Chingaza National Natural Park, Chicaque Natural Reserve, Encenillo Reserve
  • Flora and fauna treks
  • Urban nature: Bogota’s Botanical Garden, Quebrada La Vieja and  Quebrada Las Delicias.






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