About us

Biotácora organizes unprecedented, sustainable & fair-trade trips crafted for you to live and witness the best of Colombia.


We are committed to transcend each destination by delving into its several characteristics and learning how these juxtaposed societies interact. Each one of our routes combines a mixture of biodiversity, both traditional and modern science, dynamic cultures and local chronicles that will unite you to this region. As a result, we can guarantee you will be left longing a return to these special lands!


We work together with local indigenous groups in giving shape to proper and meaningful cross-cultural experiences. For us, trust and respect are our core values we apply and expect from local communities, visitors and our team.


Our biological (Lina) and anthropological (Lorena) fieldwork expertise, combined with a 4 year track record as professional guides for international specialized travel will ensure a genuine interpretation of the country’s customary ways of living


This is how we’ve created and continue to develop unique itineraries along the vast diversity of the Colombian regions. Believe us when we say that there’s much more to discover that is not on Google!